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Overwhelmed by where to begin with social media for your business?

March 15, 2018

The world of social media for business has grown tremendously and more and more organizations are extending their marketing efforts to include an online presence with the use of social media. Yet, often I still hear business owners say “I know we really should be on social media, but we don’t have anything to post”.

It doesn’t matter if you are a company the size of Coca-Cola or you are a single person operation, if you choose to include social media as part of your overall marketing strategy, to be successful at it, you will need a well thought out plan that includes the following:

Decide how social media fits into your overall business plan. Social media for business is less about selling your product or service and more about engaging with your audience. It’s about the interaction and experience your audience has when connecting with your brand. Think of it as a window with a view to your organizations culture.

Set clear and concise goals. Try to think of 4-5 overall goals you want to reach and set measurable targets within each goal and conduct regular audits through analytics to determine if you are getting the desired outcome.

Choose your platform. With traditional marketing you wouldn’t advertise in every single magazine or radio station in the city, so you shouldn’t feel that your business needs to be on every social media platform either. Research what is available and decide what platforms are best suited for your business.

Plan your content. By creating a content schedule you are planning your social media posts in advance so that you’re not stuck and struggling to find content to post at the last minute.

Be consistent with your content. Your social media presence should follow the same branding and reputation that your business is known for. You will be sharing your brand with an entirely new audience so ensure that your content represents your brand accurately.

By creating a plan before you begin, it’s easier to measure your success or identify areas that require improvement. It won’t happen overnight, but as the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.”

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