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March 15, 2018

Whether your organization has been around for years or you are just starting out, a great way to build credibility and create positive public relations is through applying for business and industry-focused awards.

Putting together an awards application can help you reflect on your company strengths, skills, and progress. Identifying who you are up against for the award can also help to push you to become more competitive and increase your visibility within the business community and in your industry.

Applying for awards may be time-consuming but a great way to showcase your achievements, and promote your business at the same time.

Awards create buzz for your business

Competing for business awards comes with a range of advantages whether or not you win. Winning of is always the end goal, but organizations that establish these awards generate a significant amount of publicity through traditional marketing and social media resulting in the indirect promotion of your business and help maximize the visibility of your brand.

The application process is an opportunity to evaluate your business.

The awards application process forces you to look at your business from a different perspective. Business owners are often so overcome with the day-to-day operations that they do not get a chance to reflect and identify their company’s strengths or areas for improvement.

Winning awards increases morale and attracts talent

Who doesn’t want to work for an award-winning company? Showcasing that you are an award-winning organization may also help you to attract new talent as a result of your awards success. Awards publicly validate your hard work and highlight your company culture and achievements which can help boost morale internally and improve recruiting efforts.

Finding the right awards

Not every award will be right for you. You need to recognize the awards that are relevant to your business and your industry. Within the awards, you will also need to identify which categories you should be applying for that give you the best chances to win.

When choosing categories, determine your strengths. Does your business have an excellent workplace safety record? Are you innovative in your recruiting efforts? Are you part of some cutting edge technology that will benefit your entire industry?

The judges will be more likely to choose your company if you focus on a certain area your business excels in.

If applying for business awards is something you have never done, then now is the time to go outside your comfort zone and do it! You never know, you might just win, and if you need assistance with your application remember we are here to help! 

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